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Monday, December 22, 2008

The silly season has struck!

Wow, what a busy few days it's been! On Saturday we had a picnic at Brimbank Park with my husband's family. His mother, her four kids and her six grandkids, plus the partners - quite a crowd! Here's a photo of the group (I'm not in it, I was taking the photo!)
Saturday night we had a few of our neighbours over for christmas drinks. I left them to it at about 10.30pm and went to bed! From what Laban can remember, they had a good night LOL!
On Sunday morning, we went to Geelong to Louise's parents place for morning tea. Louise is my best friend, a one in a million person who I'm lucky to have in my life. Her parents are the most amazing people; 6 kids of their own, another they have adopted and numerous foster children! Lou's eldest sister was there with her hubby - their second baby is due at the end of feb. Their first child was there but slept through our entire visit!
On Sunday night, we had our dear friends The Stones over for tea and a drive around to look at the Christmas lights once it got dark. The lights weren't as good as in previous years, but we found some nice houses to look at.
The kids are so excited - only 3 sleeps till Santa comes! Tomorrow we are going to make some shortbread for the grandparents and Santa. Nighty night for now :-)

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