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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Falling down and a couple of Layouts.

It's been a busy couple of days! Last night, we had Laban's work Christmas party at the Hobsons Bay Hotel in Willimastown. A lovely night out on the balcony with delicious food and no kids - they all a holiday at my Mum's for the night. We were on the second floor, and coming down the wooden stairs, I fell down! I've scrapped the skin off my left elbow, bruised my right arm - it's gonna be a ripper! I had such a huge lump on my arm that Laban was concerned I'd broken it and the lump was bone! I've also done my right leg a beauty too - more bruises! And the worst part was I only had one alcoholic beverage all night! If I was drunk I'd probably have navigated the stairs much better! I'm quite stiff and sore today :-(
This morning Laban went to the working bee at his school and I picked up the kids and mum and went to the Sunbury market. I stocked up on Gabbie's fabulous candles (check them out on her website, but you can only buy them at the markets now. The boys got face painted - spiderman for Christopher, Ben 10 for Ben.
Tonight I'm off to Yvonne's for a Christmas Extravangza - making all sorts of goodies which I'II post about tomorrow. Yvonne is incredibly talented - check out her blog here (but just so you know, she's offline at the moment while waiting for computer repairs).
But before I go, I just wanted to show you a couple of LO's I've made yesterday and today using a couple of Bree's gorgeous kits.
I made this LO for the Terrific Template Challenge at Snap and Scrap using one of Mitzie's beautiful templates (grab it form the blog here) and Bree's Cool Change kit (grab it in the shoppe here)

This LO was made using Bree's kit Zoolander (grab it here)

Better go - picking up Gabbie on the way to Yvonne's! Back tomorrow :-)


Sharon said...

Ouch Pene, you're so lucky you didn't break any bones in your fall. Hope the pain goes away soon, enough for you to be able to scrap at the computer! And I love that layout of you and your Dad. It's such a beautiful photo and the boys are so adorable as rampaging tigers!!

LisaB said...

oh no!! hope you are ok after the fall....and more importantly..hope not too many people saw
reminds me of my 'play of the day' a few years back at our bowling challenge. lol.
Love the layouts...can't remember seeing that photo of you with your dad's beautiful.