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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and if you have to travel anywhere this holiday season, please stay safe!
Christmas was FABULOUS!!! Ben woke up at about 6.15am, so we woke everyone else up to see if Santa had been. First we checked the reindeer food - the water was all gone and so was most of the food. Then we checked the milk and cookies- all gone except for a few crumbs. And then we checked the tree and there were lots of presents!!! The boys went into a present frenzy - Ben's favorite present was a Starwars Lightsabre, while Christopher's was Fourarms from Ben10. Rachel's favorite was a vacuum cleaner - I know that sounds like a sexist toy - but she is obsessed when I vacuum, she walks along behind me pushing the hose to 'help' me! And she loves her little one - it lights up and spins glitter! Wish mine did that LOL!!!!
Laban and my favourite toy is the Wii - it is fantastic! I'm already a MarioKart champion, Laban is the resident tennis champ and Christopher bowls like you wouldn't believe! Ben just likes playing and Rachel is not at all fussed yet. The WiiFit is awesome too - I have sore muscles from 30 mins of different excercises! It graphs your progress and time spent training unlocks more excercises. Very clever technology!!!
We stayed home all day - Laban's mum and sister came out in the morning, my mum came for lunch and it was relaxed and peaceful and the kids got to play with their toys all day. It was fantastic!
Yesterday, we did pretty much the same - stayed home and relaxed and played with the Wii. Today we're off to Ballarat to see Laban's dad. Meant to be a warm one, so we'll go early to beat the heat.
On another note - the December Cybercrop has had to be postponed until next week due to technical difficulties at the site. If you've been over there, you'll see that the site look OK, but everything is locked out while the information is swapped to a new server. As we're not sure how long it will take, the easiest thig is to postpone until next weekend. So sorry about the disappointment, but stay tuned for next week! Bye for now :-)

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charlie said...

Sounds like you had a big Crissy Pene..have a wonderful New years and look forward to catching up when Snap and Scrap is up and running(fingers crossed)