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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beautiful Ben

Ben is seriously a nice boy. He is so kind, giving up his toys for others (sometimes reluctantly, especially if it's a Ben 10 thing LOL), sharing his lollies, giving hugs and kisses spontaneously, and loves to spread good news to everyone else, so they get to share in the joy. He's funny, clever, and has the most contagious laugh, it always makes me smile to hear it. That's not to say he doesn't have his moments, but on the whole, he's pretty awesome! I got this photo of him at his cousin's birthday in Geelong at the start of April, and it has captured his kind beautiful face perfectly, so of course I scrapped it!

The kit I have used is a brand new release called "It's a Boy Thing" by Color with Caryn. Check out Caryn's blog here, and this link will take you to her store at Enchanted Studio Scraps.
Here's my beautiful Ben...
Christopher, my other angel, is being extremely "challenging" at the moment! I could call it something else but I try not to swear LOL. Last night he threw the biggest wobbly ever, which resulted in him going to bed at 6.15pm, with him then crying for the next hour - things like "Nobody likes me", "I need to get out of here", "Mummy, I need you" and my personal favourite "My heart is breaking" (where he got that from I'd love to know LOL). I'm not sure what is going on with him, is it a almost 6 thing? A prep thing? Just a general it's time to see what I can get away with? All I can do is be consistant, patient (heaven help me, it's not my best virtue LOL) and loving, so he knows that even when I'm cross I still love him, but I won't put up with behaviour that is not OK. I'm hoping it passes pretty quickly...

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Caryn said...

Pene, this is SUCH a lovely LO! I can totally see the kindness you're talking about.

And I'm having a hard time with one kid being easy and the other being difficult right now. Sheesh - can't they both have a good day at the same time!? LOL!