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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cheeky face...

I'd been hanging the washing out earlier in the week, and when I came in I found Rachel playing with the playdough table. Now technically, she's not meant to play with it unless I'm here because she still has a tendency to eat the playdough. So I caught her in the act:

When she heard the click of the camera, she turned around with the cheekiest look on her face! I can see a LO coming called "Who, me?"

Seriously, how cute is she?! Now that's the look she gives her brothers and Daddy, melting their hearts in an instant and all is forgiven! She has the boys in this house all sorted out... funny, doesn't work as well on me, but I must admit I have to harden my heart a little not to let it work LOL!!!

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charlie said...

that is seriously cute!