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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Free Photo Editing Class...

Yes, that's right! Jessica Sprague is running a free Photo Editing class! Registration opens on the 22nd of July and having done many of Jessica's classes, I can highly recommend them.  Here is some info, and check out Jessica's website for all the details.

On to other news.  Last night, we had family portraits done - first since 2006!  I pick them up on the 24th, I can't wait! 
It has been a cold, miserable week in Melbourne, but nice to see some rain.  The windchill factor on the other hand was not so nice - so bitter and makes your eyes water.  So the scarves, beanies and gloves are out, and I have to allow an extra 10 minutes for the school pick up and drop off to bundle everyone up! But check out this awesome sunrise yesterday...

And some BIG NEWS coming from Color with Caryn....stay tuned!!!!!!!

I'll be back later with some LOs :)

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Caryn said...

Hey Pene :)

Just stopping by to say hi... that class with Jessica looks amazing, huh!? I only hope I don't forget to register... LOL

That sunrise is absolutely gorgeous! It's been a long time since I've seen anything like that since we're surrounded by trees. Well, that, plus I can never drag myself out of bed on time ;)