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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hot, hot hot...

It is so HOT!!!! We are in a record breaking heat wave, the hottest it's been for the longest time in 100 years! Last night we all slpet badly because it just didn't cool down at all. The top yesterday reached 44 degrees and I think it only got down to 33 last night. The same for today, and tomorrow and the day after...they're not sure when it will break. So Scrubbie, if you're reading this - I'II send some heat your way if you send some cold mine! Check out Scrubbie's blog to see what I'm talking about.

Tomorrow is Laban's and my 9th wedding anniversary and Monday is also Labe's birthday. So we're off loading the kids and heading out for a night on the town - nice dinner somewhere fancy and a ride on the big ferris wheel at Docklands (Labe doesn't know about that yet, my mum bought him tickets for his birthday, shhhhhh...). Then lunch at the pub on sunday with family.
And Monday is Christopher's first day of school!! OMGoodness........

We're halfway through the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race, here are my entries for the last few challenges. See our blog, The Aussie Gumnuts, for credits.

Challenge 5

Challenge 6

Challenge 7

Challenge 8

Off to sit in front of the aircon and think cool thoughts!


Donna said...

Had to leave a comment when I saw challenge number 5- my son and his wife are also expecting in September, also unexpected, and also number 4 (She has one, he has one, they have one and now one on the way!) I may well have to scraplift your layout! Happy anniversary to you both!

Scrubbie said...

Forget "A Pene for your thoughts..." - I'll give a Dollar for your heat! hehehehe. Yep Pene - tiz still Brrrrr with a capital B here in the Great White!

Darlin - gotta tell ya - just LOVE yer blog and yer scrappy talents! Make's Scrubs eyeballs dance all the time.

Cheers! Scrubbie.

maz111 said...

Hey Pene, I agree this heat STINKS! I'm off to wherever it is COLD too. Happy anniversary. Hope you have a fantastic time on your evening out. Take care and have a blast!
There is a little something for you over at my blog...come take a look.